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Attract buyers & sellers with faster, smarter property search. Turn site visitors into clients with proven lead capture at every turn.
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Make Exploring Fun

Invite your visitors to explore and keep them coming back with a friendly property search experience that feels like the big search sites.
  • Draw on map (polygon) option
  • Use several maps throughout your site
    to focus on communities
  • Control which listings appear in search results, using location and other criteria
  • Encourage visitors to explore
  • Friendly and educational for users who don’t know the geography
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Deliver Results Fast

Say goodbye to cumbersome search forms. Results for locations and listings are automatically suggested by intelligent auto-fill as users type.
  • Additional location criteria you choose, Supports city, postal code, MLS ID, address and additional location criteria you choose, such as subdivision, golf course, school district, etc.
  • Control which locations are suggested as users type
  • Always available in map search
  • Available as a separate Universal Search Bar widget to place anywhere on your site
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Engage Visitors with Every Property

Every property detail page is an invitation to continue exploring, so you can convert more visitors to registered leads.
  • Virtual tours hosted by YouTube, Vimeo and Matterport are embedded in the page instead of linking to external sites
  • Smart algorithms present Similar Listing recommendations with every listing, based on your visitors’ search behavior
  • Social media sharing creates valuable backlinks to listings on your site
  • Options to Schedule a Showing and Request Info are always visible on any device
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Keep Leads Coming Back

A Property Organizer helps your leads manage their search and helps you prepare to close them.
  • Visitors can save their favorite listings or searches to access any time on your site
  • A wealth of information from your leads’ activity history and their Property Organizer helps you understand their interests, so you’re better equipped to close them
  • Create personalized saved searches for your leads and keep them returning to your site with automated email alerts for new listings
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Build Your Pipeline & Grow Your Business

Registration opportunities throughout the search experience turn anonymous visitors into new clients for you to close.
  • Collect new leads with built-in forms for Schedule a Showing, Request Info, Save a Search, Save a Listing, Contact, Evaluation Request
  • Pop-ups show with search results encourage visitors to register to save their searches
  • Custom registration form pop-ups can appear with settings you control for how they are triggered
  • Put any of your custom site content or downloads behind registration forms
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Move buyers & sellers closer to closing with automated website and email reports for locations and criteria you choose.
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You’re The Local Expert

Insights into market activity position you as a local market expert, ready to help buyers & sellers close.
  • Simple & powerful – Just create a Market (saved search) in your account and MarketBoost handles the rest
  • Define Market locations with property search options or draw on a map
  • We crunch the numbers on prices, inventory, and timing so your website and email reports are always up to date
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Dynamic Website Reports

Report pages stay fresh on your site. Email report subscription forms bring new prospects to grow your client base.
  • 3 report pages are produced for each Market you create:
  • Active & sold listings
  • Open homes
  • Market stats on inventory, median price,
    median days on site, sale to list price %
    Site visitors become leads when they sign up to receive reports by email
    Add links to report pages or embed reports in your own custom pages
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Email Reports

Engage your prospects with updates on market activity that keep them returning to your site.
  • Your branding is prominently featured
  • Subscribers can choose from 3 email reports for each Market you create:
    • Daily: Active & sold listings, price changes
    • Weekly: Open homes (sent Thursdays)
    • Monthly: Market stats & trends
  • Content variety offers options for buyers and sellers in all stages of learning and exploring
  • Links in listings and reports bring subscribers back to your site
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Manage & Discover

Easily manage subscriptions and track your leads’ engagement.
  • Add leads individually or in bulk to any email report subscriptions
  • Manage your leads’ report subscriptions in your IDX Control Panel or in Optima Leads, our mobile app for agents
  • Lead and email activity reports help you learn which leads are more engaged and active
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Your Team Wins

Use our Broker account option for your brokerage office website. Each agent gets their own branded email reports to help them close more clients.
  • Agents’ personal branding appears with the brokerage branding on report emails
  • Agents can manage subscribers themselves and monitor their leads’ engagement
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Your mobile assistant is here! Work your real estate leads wherever you are.

Agent app for iOS & Android

Apple App Store           Google Play
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Empower Yourself

You’re always equipped with everything you need to keep your business moving and growing.
  • View a live feed of your IDX website activity
  • Instantly access & add leads
  • Learn which listings are catching your leads’ interest and prepare for follow-up conversations
  • Check in new leads at your open houses, so your automated emails keep them engaged afterwards
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Satisfyingly Simple

Your life and business can be hectic, so we make managing your leads easy.
  • Add leads to your email campaigns and MarketBoost report subscriptions
  • Update information in your CRM, like lead stage, tags, and contact details
  • Add time-stamped notes so your important thoughts and next steps are always captured
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Smart, automated text & email follow-up.
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Better, Smarter Follow-up

Jump start lead engagement with personalized, dynamic follow-up text & email campaigns.
  • Send automated listing recommendations and market data based on your leads' search and viewing behavior
  • Keep the conversation going with content that’s always current instead of stale, generic campaigns
  • Mix custom content with automated Smart Content that delivers personalized, relevant market information
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“Oops” Is Not An Option

Consistent follow-up for leads from all sources means nobody slips through the cracks.

  • New leads from Zillow, Trulia, and over 30 third-party lead gen services automatically enter your account and follow-up campaigns
  • Use rules to assign leads to different campaigns based on their source
  • Ready-to-use drip campaigns are included for both buyer and seller leads, and you can create your own
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Agent CRM

Take control over your business growth.
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IDX Integration

Your IDX website and CRM work together as a single, integrated system to help you optimize your opportunities and work more productively.
  • Keep all lead information in one, easy-to-use system
  • Lead Rating uses your leads’ activity to show you which leads are your best bets, so you can prioritize your time
  • Your leads’ property search and viewing history is kept alongside your notes and tasks, all working together to help you close them
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Business Dashboard

Everything you need to monitor your performance and manage your time is provided in one screen.
  • Track the percentage of leads with activity in the last 30 days
  • Track the percentage of leads with email subscriptions
  • See all the leads in your funnel and monitor their
    progress towards closing
  • Learn which of your lead generation channels are producing the most leads
  • See your tasks that are due today and other tasks scheduled for the week
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Tools To Help You Close

Smart, powerful, and simple features work together to keep you productive while staying out of your way.
  • Keep all your tasks in a single To Do list
  • Sync your tasks with your calendar
  • Create Tags to track, filter, categorize, and instantly find your leads
  • Locate tasks or groups or tasks with a variety of filter options
  • Use filters to make changes & updates to multiple leads at once
  • Track the stage of every lead with Pipeline Status to prepare your next steps
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More Mobile Power

Stay on top of your tasks with access to Agent CRM features in Optima Leads, our mobile app for agents.
  • Add & update the Lead Stage in lead records as you move them closer to closing
  • Add & update Tags in lead records to easily find them using filters
  • Add notes with automatic time stamps & review them in your lead’s History view
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A Complete Email Toolbox

Add more email marketing tools to engage, build trust, and grow relationships with your leads.
  • Send newsletters or other custom email content to leads you choose
  • Recognize your leads’ birthdays & closing anniversaries with ready-to-use, automated emails
  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to quickly build emails with images & embedded videos
  • Add images from our stock image library
  • Emails are sent from your own email address to avoid
    spam & junk email filters
  • Track your email performance metrics